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bmx BMX, or to give it its rather dated and very uncool proper name - Bicycle Motocross has at last gained credibility with adults, as shown by its inclusion in the 2008 Olympics in Bejing. This follows hard on the heels of cycling's governing body, the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), recognising and sanctioning the BMX world championships.
BMX has two schools;
BMX racing and BMX freestyle.
Freestyle has spawned five disciplines: Dirt, Flatland, Park, Street, and Vert.
Although both BMX racing and freestyle use specially designed bikes with 20 inch wheels and no gears; the bikes used in each discipline are different.
The race bike has front and rear brakes, with the rear most likely being hydraulic disc. The frame is different from a freestyle bike, with longer seat and chain stays to give greater stability.
Apart from frame differences, a freestyle bike can be spotted as it carries a front brake only.

Games & DVDs

BMX in Aberdeenshire
Designed and funded by locals, the new skate park in Alford, next to the dry ski slope offers bowls, over verts and hips.
About a mile and half outside the town there is a series of trails. Not easy to find, but worth the search.
Small, but not beautifully formed. A quarter, some grind ledges, and what can best be described as a few mounds of concrete.
The park has concrete flat banks, rails, ledges, a quarter and a metal halfpipe, all of which have been the subject of much grumbling by its users. Even although the park has had a bit of a make over local opinion is that there is still room for improvement. Saying that, its still worth a visit.
Beside the tennis courts - a jump box, a few quarters, a hip with a low grind rail.
Kellands "Lego" skate park in Inverurie boasts quarters, jump box and combos.
The newest park in Grampian, only having opened in July 2004.
Not a lot on offer here - a couple of quarters, a box and a couple of grind rails.

BMX in Aberdeen
Transition Extreme is an award winning indoor extreme sports centre including massive indoor BMX and skate park, dramatic climbing centre (36 ropes, 15m high + bouldering), basketball, Energy Café, band practice studios, visitor centre, and 3 extreme sports retailers. A fiver will get you a couple of hours bike time in the dry.
Links Road, Aberdeen Beach, Aberdeen.
01224 626279
The Ghetto is an unused warehouse that has been worked on to give a fair set up.
Inchgarth Community Center
This spot in Garthdee is rather soulless looking - but its better than nothing! A large quarter, some kickers and flatbanks.



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