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Commuting and Campaigning
Commuting is regarded by many as the most important kind of cycling. Economically important because it takes people to and from work and reduces congestion for other road users. Environmentally important because it reduces the amount of pollution being generated. Important health wise because it encompasses a good form of exercise that most people can adopt to their life style - after all most people live within 5 miles of their work, therefore the commute shouldn't be too taxing. (See our page on the Health Benefits of Cycling.)
One of the great attractions is that cycle commuting is that it can be combined with public transport. And because it requires neither a special bike or special clothes you can pedal to the station, take your bike on the train and pedal away at the other end. Dead easy!
The downside of commuting is that it is the commuter that may encounter what on the face of it appear to be the biggest blockers to cycling, e.g. traffic, poor road surfaces, minimal secure cycle parking provision, lack of work facilities for changing etc.
Throughout this section of the site we have gathered together some information that hopefully will persuade you to use your bike for commuting and how to campaign to better your lot as a cyclist.
We have pages on
Cycle Security
Choosing a Bicycle Lock
Commuting by Bike and Train
Reporting Potholes etc



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