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Mountain Biking in Grampian
What is mountain biking?
We don't mean riding to work on a mountain bike - that's commuting.
We don't mean using an old railway line - that's trail riding.
To us, mountain biking is getting deep into the forest; its getting into places where the only trail is rough, rocky and rooty; its about rapid down hill descents over boulders and ledges; its about carving berms and leeping table-tops; its about man (or woman), machine and nature; its about mud, adrenalin and ear to ear smiles.
Some folk get that ear to ear smile from racing their mountain bikes cross country or down hill, others from freestyle riding in the woods, others from just being out there in the wilds. And Grampian can satisfy all these demands, as this section of the site shows. No matter your favourite flavour of offroad riding we have something for you;
Routes, to thrill including
Ben Aigan between Aberlour and Keith
Pitfichie Forest near Alford
Durris Wood between Stonehaven and Banchory
Kirkhill Forest between Aberdeen and Blackburn
Drumtochty Forest south west of Stonehaven
Scolty Hill near Banchory
The Lecht in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park
Bennachie Turnpike Trail on the side of Bennachie
If none of the above appeal to you, then make up your own. Check out our guide to your access rights when cycling.

Staying Safe
By its very nature, mountain biking can be dangerous, both to you as a rider and to the environment. Here are a few tips designed to lessen the danger, but maintain the adrenalin.
- Plan your route in advance and tell a friend the route you intend to travel
- Stick to trails, bridleways & byways.
- To avoid erosion stay on the trail
- Ride in groups of two or three
- Give way to horses and walkers
- Don't climb walls or force hedges and close the gate behind you
- Check your bike before you go and take essential spares, tools, grub, drink & a first aid kit
- Take a mobile (Don't forget to charge it!)
- Take your litter home and guard against fire



At the Edge: Riding for My Life


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