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Road Cycling in Grampian
To many, road cycling is the original, and purest, form of cycling. The downside is that it is the road cyclist that may encounter what on the face of it appear to be the biggest blockers to cyling, e.g. traffic, poor road surfaces etc. If you are a "roadie" then the following pages will help you get more from your cycling.
We cover
- Routes to explore, whether touring, getting the miles in or just for fun
- Road & Lighting Defects, who to contact
- Racing. Investigate the different types of racing, explore the courses used and find out how to get started.
And very soon pages on the following road topics will be added to the site
- Technical Talk including articles on equipment, and bike maintenance
- Training including articles on riding techniques and how to get and stay fit.

Staying Safe
By its very nature, road cycling can be dangerous. Here are a few tips designed to lessen the danger, but not the fun.
In traffic:
- Be predictable and signal your intentions
- Be assertive but not aggressive or foolish
- Be aware
Predict the likely behaviour of other road users. For example:
- A motorist recently parked may be about to open a door or pull out again
- A car slowing near you may be about to turn
- Long and wide vehicles need more space to turn
- A driver who has done one unexpected manoeuvre may do another
Be ready for:
- Drivers turning in front of you
- Dangers with merging traffic
- Erratic and unexpected behaviour by other road users.




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